Twenty centuries ago, the original Legio VI Victrix distinguished itself as a fighting and civilizing force, bringing the enemies of Rome to heel and teaching them the benefits of civilization. Today’s Legio VI Victrix recreates a garrison camp near the Roman city of Eburacum (modern York) in the province of Britannia. Our members portray the foot soldiers and officers of the legion, Imperial officials, and the civilian denizens of a Roman province. Our basic time frame is AD 122-138, during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, although sub-units portray Legio VI during the Republic and Late Empire as well.

We strive to inform, educate, and entertain both ourselves and the public, and to have lots of fun along the way! Toward these goals, we take part in film and television productions, military timelines, historical fairs and other special events, as well as give educational presentations throughout Southern California. To stay sharp and fit, we conduct drills and marches in full kit once each month. We also take part in “experimental archaeology” to help historians investigate how the Romans may have done things. Finally, we enjoy the special camaraderie of a shared fascination with this important historical epoch.