…and shake hands with the past!

Ancient Rome is alive today! Founded in 2001, the Legion Six Historical Foundation is a group of dedicated living historians based in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Legion Six recreates the experience of life in a frontier province at the peak of the Roman Empire circa AD 30-130.  We bring hands-on history to people of all ages utilizing highly accurate recreations of ancient clothing, armor, weaponry, camp equipment and everyday utensils. Legion Six members portray both civilians and soldiers to create a “time warp” feeling reproducing the sights, sounds, and sensations of life nearly 2,000 years ago.

Legion Six has a long track record of “evangelizing ancient history” through various types of media including feature films and television documentaries. Legion members in their full Roman legionary and civilian regalia are frequently seen on The History Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic Channel, and PBS. Productions that have used Legion Six’s expertise, personnel and props include:

•The Roman War Machine (History Channel, 2001)

•Holy Land (PBS, 2002)

•Mail Call with R. Lee Ermey (History Channel, 2002 and 2004)

•Conquest, starring Peter Woodward (History Channel, 2004)

•The True Story of Alexander the Great (The History Channel, 2005)

•The True Story of Hannibal (History Channel, 2005/6)

•The Conquerors, with Captain Dale Dye (TLC, 2007/8)

•Mysteries of the Bible (National Geographic, 2008 and 2010)

•The Seven Deadly Sins (History Channel, 2010)

•War Dogs (feature film in production, 2010/11)

•Party Like an Emperor! (National Geographic, 2011)

•The Disciples (miniseries pilot, 2013)

•Rome Total War (Sega computer game, 2011-2014)

•Hail Caesar! (major feature film now in production, 2014-2015)

•KIA Motors National Commercial, 2015

Legion Six Victrix has featured in many television productions over its decade and a half, perhaps our most widely-viewed production is this 2015 KIA commercial, a 60 second mini epic featuring NBA superstar Blake Griffin, action stars and a cast of 30 legionaries.  All equipment, aside from Blake Griffin’s full kit and KIA Optima “Chariot” were provided by Legion Six Victrix Los Angeles… the Roman legion rolling onto a network in your area!

•The Gael:  A Short Film by Lucas Diercouff (pre-production 2015)

THE GAEL is an adventure love story about a Celtic wife who is forced to rescue her husband after he is captured by the Romans.  The kind of story that suits historical period and is an honest portrait of the passion of ancient Scotland.


With a vast array of period-perfect props, working artillery, military equipment, furnishings and costumes, Legion Six can turn any location into a scene from ancient history, and can populate it with people from all walks of life, including regular soldiers, officers, merchants, slaves, society ladies, gladiators, senators and “barbarians.” Legion Six can be hired to create a diorama of ancient life for any occasion from film and television productions to educational programs and lectures-elementary through university level. With noted academics and specialists in ancient history, as well as craftspeople with period skill-sets, Legion Six is available for consulting and historical research for documentaries, feature film, internet web pages, computer games, and books. Legion Six can add the ‘Classical’ element to corporate and community events, even private functions!

For inquiries into rates and availability, contact Lorie Ann “L.A.” Hambly, Film/Television Coordinator at (855) LEGIOVI or write to: la@legionsix.org

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