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avatar1Dave Michaels / Titus Flavius Crispus. Senator, Senior Consul (President) / Centurio. Dave is our most experienced Roman reenactor, having served stints in Legio IX Hispana and Legio XX Valeria Victrix over the past 14 years. He is also author of the Alternate History novel Red Moon and a dealer in authentic Roman coins and artifacts (including military gear!)  Dr. Arik Greenberg Dr. L. Arik Greenberg / Aulus Arrius Diogenes. Senior Consul (Vice-President), Senator.

arikavatarArik is a scholar of New Testament theology and an expert on ancient cultures and languages, having taught at Loyola Marymount University and Shepherd University in Los Angeles. He has written articles for ARMA, the journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies. He has also become an expert armorer and was the first person in 1,700 years to accurately reconstruct the Newstead-type Roman cuirass.


krisavatar1Lorie Ann “L.A. Hambly” / Pompeia Pulchra. Secretary-Treasurer. Lorie Ann is Legion Six’s coordinator and authenticity expert for civilian life in a military camp. Specialising in logistics, materiel management and Roman military supply lines, her impression of a well-traveled merchant who marries into garrison life. on the Empire’s Northern Frontier affords her the real-life opportunity to add layers of authenticity to camp life with detail paid to static and working displays of civilian life in a military camp.  Lorie Ann  acts as the Legion’s Film/Television Coordinator and heads up special projects in both the U.S. and European re-enactment communities.

CaiusavatarCaius Man / Gaius Manlius Magnus. Senator Emeritus. Caius (his real name!) is the founder of Legio VI Victrix. He is a professional special effects technician and miniaturist for motion pictures and television, which means he is an expert at creating something wonderful out of next to nothing. He now resides near Phoenix, AZ, but commutes frequently back to his old stomping grounds of Los Angeles.


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