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On Joining the Legion and Participating in Events and Activities

Legio VI Victrix is operated by the Legion Six Historical Foundation Inc., non-profit organization closely involved with a variety of history-related projects in the greater Los Angeles area. These include film, television and multimedia work, classroom presentations and assemblies, and historical timeline events. We are committed to these projects and we expect and hope all our members will be as actively involved in these tasks as occupational and family responsibilities permit.

There are many ways to participate in Legio VI Victrix. If you wish to become an active legionary and join us for battle reenactments and weapon drill displays, Legio VI will help you acquire and build your own kit at our monthly Fabrica, or workshops, and can supply you with loaner gear until your own kit is complete. Since pride of ownership is essential to the impression of a first-rate, well-maintained and battle-ready Roman legion, we encourage our members to build and acquire the necessary gear as quickly as feasible, and to never stop upgrading and improving their kit.

We also encourage our members to create non-military impressions, including matrons and children, priests and priestesses, merchants, tavern keepers, craftsmen, senators, magistrates, and other government officials. This also goes for non-Romans living in our era, including Celts, Dacians, Persians, etc.

If your interest in the Empire is purely scholarly, we encourage you to join us at meetings and research sessions to share in our quest for knowledge. Any of our members or associates are welcome to join us at our parties to join us in the age-old quest for fun and games.

For membership inquiries email or call (855) LEGIOVI Online Membership Application

The Legion Six Historical Foundation is a 501 (c3) NonProfit Corporation.

Membership Fees(s) and charitable donations are tax-deductable

How We Operate
We operate under the organizational structure as mandated by the State of California for a non-profit organization, tailored to our special interests (Roman history) and needs. We are lead by a five-member Senate that directs all aspects of our operation on a day-to-day basis. Major changes in the legion’s standards, structure and direction are usually submitted to a full vote of the membership. For more detailed information, click on this link for our bylaws and structure.

Our Standards

Legio VI Victrix maintains a high standard of authenticity. Our philosophy regarding our clothing, equipment and overall appearance can be summed up with the acronym NOA — No Obvious Anachronisms. An average layman or woman should be able to examine us at close range, and even pick up and examine pieces of equipment, without noticing anything that would “kill” the impression. Everything we wear and use, from a simple tunic, to a wax writing tablet, to a lorica segmentata (segmented armor cuirass) must be accurate copies of what ancient Romans of the second century AD would have worn and used. Grooming and personal appearance at Legio VI events should be kept as much as possible within the historical framework we depict. No costume armor or clothing made from modern synthetics are allowed. More specific standards are outlined on the Uniform and Equipment pages.

Types of Membership

    1. Participating Members – These are the full members of the Legion, able to hold office and vote where appropriate. They have one or more Senate approved impressions that are used to educate public observers at our encampments and other display events, understand our organization and it’s way of doing business and follow its guidelines, and pay $35 a year in dues to defray the Legion’s operational expenses. Ad Signa subscription and access to the Member’s Yahoo list are benefits of this class.
  1. Probationary Members – Members working toward Participating status under the tutelage of a Veteran Mentor assigned by the Senate. These members participate in display events, but do not yet have completed impressions or full understanding of the organization’s policies and are not yet eligible to vote where appropriate or hold offices. Dues are also $35 per year and Ad Signa and Member list are part of the package.
  2. Supporting Members – This is a catchall membership for people who want to support the group financially and learn from our education sessions at meetings, but who have no interest in dressing up at events. $20 a year or more will get a subscription to Ad Signa!
  3. Associates – This is how we describe people who join the Legion’s public Yahoo discussion community. This is open to nearly anyone and costs nothing. This category also includes recruits who haven’t yet asked to become, and been accepted by the Senate, as Probationary Members. Guests of the Legion who are specifically invited by the Senate to attend certain events, like visiting Centurions from Legions on the East coast, are also considered Associates under these Bylaws.

    The Legion also has an number of Affiliates. Affiliates are persons who simply wish to maintain contact with us by being added to our email announcement list or join our online community at Yahoo Groups. The Affiliate status is open to anyone who asks and has no cost.