of Roman equipment recommended by Legio VI Victrix

Imperium Ancient Armory: Arik Greenberg, Dave Michaels & Lorie Ann Hambly. 2300 W. Victory Blvd., Ste. A, Burbank , CA 94506 (888) LEGIOVI Website: Email: Imperium enjoys “most-favored supplier” status with Legio VI not because two legio members run the business (well, maybe that has something to do with it…), but because everything they sell in the way of Roman armor is Legio VI approved as fully authentic. In addition to the newly improved Deepeeka helmets, armor and weapons, Imperium also makes its own highly accurate body armor (including the Newstead and Kalkriese lorica segmentata types, currently unavailable anywhere else), weapons (including a great pilum and/or kit), shields, and belt components. Imperium rates everything it sells according to an “accuracy scale,” which makes it much easier to pick from among the available products.

Paid Legio VI members also get price breaks on all weapons, armor and shields!

La Wren’s Nest: Lawrence and Julie Brooks, 233 Route 197, Woodstock, CT 06281, 860-928-6908, fax 860-928-6701,, These folks are dedicated historical reenactors and understand the needs of the community. Their tunics, togas and cloaks are all properly made from wool or linen and are quite reasonably priced. They also offer Deepeeka helmets, mail shirts, weapons, and accessories. They fill orders in a prompt and courteous manner. Please check with the Authenticity Officers or Centurio before buying anything. Roman Legion Quartermaster: Run by Sean Richards of Legio IX Hispana, our brothers in arms to the south. 3210 32nd St., San Diego, CA 92104-4736,, They produce a mostly accurate custom-made Corbridge lorica segmentata (although early models had rear straps mounted on the outside, instead of the inside as found on the originals), as well as a decent pilum kit and a small line of other custom products. Coming soon will be a line of highly accurate shields made from layered strips of wood, like the originals. Please check with the Authenticity Officers or Centurio before buying anything. Albion Armorers: 421 Second Street, PO Box 66, New Glarus, WI 53574 (For UPS – leave off PO Box info). 1-888-806-HELM,, Albion no longer seems to offer Roman helmets and armor, as they had in the past. But they do produce some beautiful Roman swords, albeit at rather high prices, though this is justified by the superior blades and overall attention to detail. Please check with the Authenticity Officers or Centurio before buying anything. RPG / Soul of the Warrior: Rusty Myers, 1700 Misty Court, Hanahan, SC 29406-8560. 843-437-5587, fax 843-797-7266,, . Rusty Myers also runs our “twin” unit Legio VI Ferrata and so understands Roman reenacting. He carries both Deepeeka gear and a growing line of custom products, most of which looks pretty good from the photos on the site. However, our experience in purchasing an early model Legionary Armories Corbridge A lorica segmentata proved, um, interesting in that the upper and lower sections of the piece were seemingly built to fit two very different-sized people; however, the price was unbeatable ($200) and we were able to modify the unit into a very acceptable lorica. Supposedly the fit and finish problems have been corrected in the newer versions of this cuirass.

Please check with the Authenticity Officers or Centurio before buying anything.

HReplikate: Holger Ratsdorf, Germany. Herr Ratsdorf makes drop-dead gorgeous replica equipment. Of course, his work does not come cheaply and the recent strength of the Euro versus the U.S. dollar makes his items more expensive still. My one experience ordering belt components from him involved a 3-4 month wait, but when they arrived, the pieces were absolutely beautiful and well worth both the price and the wait. Payment can present difficulties since he does not as yet accept credit cards and either international money orders or bank-to-bank cash transfers must be arranged. For AUTHENTIC Roman coins and artifacts… Freeman & Sear: 2800 28th Street, Suite 130, Santa Monica, CA. (310) 450-9755., Our own Dave Michaels (T. Flavius Crispus) is sales director for this firm, which deals in an incredible array of authentic Roman coins and antiquities, including REAL Greek and Roman helmets and armor. Prices range from $65 to as much as you can afford, and it is well worth perusing their website and ordering a catalog simply to marvel at the surviving treasures of a bygone world.